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Hertford Heath Village History

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Hertford Heath sits on high ground between the towns of Hertford and Hoddesdon and has a history that can be traced back to 54BC!

Always on the edge of history, the village continues to grow and flourish.

The area in ancient times

The neighbouring countryside witnessed the clash of Britain and Roman, Saxon and Dane and then Saxon and Norman.  There was a settlement of the Catuvellauni tribe living locally before Julius Caesar invaded in 54BC, and in 1956 when builders were digging prior to laying concrete for garages in Trinity Road, an Iron Age Belgic Chieftain’s cremation grave, dating back to the second half of the first century BC was found.

Trinity Road was built on a field once called Grimstead Haw, suggesting that the Saxons who gave it that name had found remains of a forgotten people who had once lived there.  Excavations in the 1970’s revealed remains of settlements dating back to Neolithic times.

Ermine Street runs through the villageErmine Street runs through the villageRunning through the village was Ermine Street, a Roman Road, originating in London.  The road passed by the Roundings and continued from Hertford Heath Motors to the site of the former Townshend Arms, across the fields to Rush Green and on to York.

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