Safety concerns - Crossing London Road

Safety Concerns - Crossing London Road

In response to concerns for the safety of crossing London Road, the Parish Council have been in discussions with Hertfordshire County Council’s (HCC) Highways Children’s Services departments.

Children’s Services are responsible for the ‘Home to School Transport Policy’ and as a result of our investigation it came to light that the walking route along London Road had not had a safety inspection. Therefore we asked for this to be carried out and an inspection took place on Thursday 14th February.  The result of this inspection was that they deemed the route to be SAFE. You can view the report from the link below .  We then obtained the 'Safe Routes to School' protocol which can also be downloaded.

The inspection was Stage 1 of the protocol, and since we do not agree with the findings we need to engage Stage 2.  Our understanding is that Stage 2 can only be requested by a parent/carer of a child who uses this route,  the Parish Council are not able to do this.  However, they will support any parents who do so.  Only parents/carers can challenge this policy as it is a policy held by the HCC Children's services. 

The Parish Council and members of the public can only challenge and negotiate with the highways department. Therefore, we are requesting any parents who signed the petition that was due to be submitted to council to contact HCC Children's services and request that Stage 2 be implemented. 


Safe Routes to School Protocol (Word)

Stage 1 - Hertford Heath to Hertford - Assessment

Home to School Transport Policy 2018-19


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