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Plant a new tree in Hertford Heath

Plant a new tree in Hertford Heath

Trees are incredibly important to our environment and our overall ecology. They breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen, the opposite of what humans and most of our machinery does!

On Saturday November 30th,  the Woodland Trust is throwing a nationwide party, planning the planting of a million trees, and inviting the nation to join in.

Sustainable Hertford Heath has received a suggestion that Hertford Heath could contribute to this, by inviting all the disperse and various groups in the village to plant a tree in the community garden beyond the allotments.

These trees would be of various types (all UK native for preference) and would be the choice of the village organisations themselves but with the overall approval of the Parish Council. For example it may be that Sustainable Hertford Heath would choose a fruit tree of some sort so at provide the beauty of a tree but also a harvest of fruit for communal use. Others may go for a decorative cherry for its spring blossom etc. Each organisation would be responsible for buying its own tree and for its well being and upkeep. A potential idea would be to have discrete name tags on each tree describing the tree and its “owner”. This has the potential to give a real boost to the communal area of the allotment

We have floated this idea with the Parish Council and have their support to get started.

We suggest that the next immediate steps are:

  • A letter is to be sent out to each organisation explaining the initiative and inviting them to join in
  • Open Meeting on Saturday 16th November 7.30pm at the Mission Room -  an introductory session to set an overall plan for timing and specific locations in place
  • Establish whether there are any suitable grants to support any expenses
  • Arrange any further publicity
  • Saturday 30th November - coordinate the actual planting day and have some sort of communal event afterwards

For more details please come along to the meeting on Saturday 16th November.

Tim Hoskin

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