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Social Media Links

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Social Media plays a big part in our lives allowing us to share information with others quickly and efficiently.

But beware and don’t always believe everything you read – it may be ‘Chinese whispers’ or ‘fake news’

Get SOCIAL.... but keep it REAL!

The ability to share photos, opinions, and events in real-time has transformed the way we live, and this is true for the residents of Hertford Heath.  An ever- increasing number of Social Media pages means that we find out what’s happening locally quicker than ever before.

It’s important to remember that not all Social Media feeds about Hertford Heath are managed by the Parish Council.  We do not monitor these feeds and advise residents to check our official pages to confirm details of local issues.

The Parish Council maintains several OFFICIAL Social Media Pages.  Our Facebook page is generally updated more regularly than other pages.  We do not monitor or comment on non-offical sites so please refer to our pages to ensure that you read verified information.

Facebook Hertford Heath Parish Council on Facebook
Twitter Hertford Heath Parish Council on Twitter
Instagram  Hertford Heath Parish Council Instagram Galleries
Facebook Hertford Heath Neighbourhood Plan
Facebook  Team Hertford Heath (Help in the Heath - Covid-19)

Many local organisations are involved with activities not managed by the Parish Council.  We've provided links to some of the more prominent pages where accurate information can usually be found.

Facebook Sustainable Hertford Heath
Facebook Hertford Heath Pre-school
Facebook Hertford Heath Primary School
Facebook  Hertford Heath PTA
Facebook Holy Trinity Church
Facebook Hertford Heath Football Club

There are several 'Hertford Heath' Social Media pages managed by local residents.  Whilst these pages can be very useful, they have no connection to the Parish Council and we do not montitor them or reply to comments posted there.  We advise checking our official pages for accurate information about local issues and adding your comments there to avoid 'fake news'.

Facebook Hertford Heath News

Hertford Heath Community News Talk plus free, for sale and other business

Facebook  Hertford Heath - Recommended, Recycled and Resold

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